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Pastor Breakfast

Southeastern Correctional Ministry would love you to join us for a regional Pastors Breakfast.  

SCM provides the foot soldiers who walk alongside the incarcerated each week.  We provide Bibles, The Daily Bread, Guide Posts, and a 13 lesson Bible course to any inmate that is willing to come to the table.

And, just like all of God’s missions, it takes the church for our mission to succeed!

We have 47 volunteers going into 16 jails and prisons, supported by 17 churches.  There are more than 11,200 inmates waiting for a message of HOPE.  The average volunteer can minister to about 20 inmates a night, if we go into the jails two nights a week with Seven Chaplains we can serve about 560 inmates each week at each facility.  We can reach 8,960 inmates if we had this kind of volunteer capacity in all 16 facilities.  But we don’t.

The opportunity is rich and the needs are great.  We can conduct 232,960 visits in one year if we were operating at full capacity.  But we can’t do it alone and we need Help.  We need volunteers, literature, prayer warriors, study graders and financial support.  Our team is shrinking but the need is growing.

Will you join us as a Church Partner by providing volunteer opportunities to your congregation?  By providing quarterly support to this ministry with a $10 per week contribution equaling $520 a year. To bring a work of hope into the jails through 500 Bible lessons?

We have a chance to share the good news of HOPE with those who need it most, those from our neighborhoods, those who have been turned away by so many…..  they need to know God is a God of forgiveness and second chances.  They need to hear about God’s Love and Mercy and Joy. 

Please help us to help the people in prison.  Your Church partnership is essential to keep this mission reaching the Incarcerated.   


Date to be decided.

If you would like your church to partner with us, please contact our office.